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Boudoir  by Melissa Damon

The Stigma Behind it all:

As a child, we were taught from the start not to have anyone take 'naughty' pictures of us. When I was offered by my wedding photographer to do a boudoir session as a gift to give my husband on our wedding, I was curious and frightened - all a t the same time. I nearly had butterflies for days, anxious of what he would ask me to do during the photos. I even asked two of my best friends to come and be 'moral support' as I completed the pictures (and act as bouncers if I needed to tell my poor photographer to take a hike). As the photo session progressed and I realized that I wasn't 'baring it all,' my anxiety slowly lowered until I was cocky and confident by the end of the session. There was no 'pornography' in the pictures and both when I finished the shoot and later on when I received the pictures, I felt amazing. It was like a spa session for my soul. From that point on, I no longer viewed boudoir as 'dirty' but as a way to remind myself that even well into my thirties and after birthing a beautiful child, I am a sexy woman and should be proud and confident of who I am. Having those pictures taken inspired me to not look at boudoir as an ugly whisper and to take it on as a future genre in my photography profession.

What Does it Mean?

If you look up boudoir on the internet under the photography section, it will talk to you about photos usually taken in lingerie and/or partially clothed garments. It has a lot of versatility ranging from the 'pin up' style of the 1940s to the modern versions of sensuality and nudity that is more implied rather than explicit.

The way I view boudoir is the beautiful pictures of the inner workings of a client's 'naked' soul. When a client is in front of a camera in a boudoir session, I see things through the camera lens that I usually don't find when they are dressed in their 'mask' of regular clothes. There is something about taking pictures when you are draped in a soft fabric that take away the hustle and bustle of everyday life and focus in on who you really are. It is an amazing moment to capture on film and present to you to see. I have seen people come into my studio all confident and tough, and once they are in front of the camera, there is suddenly a shy person that has a vulnerability to them that I never would have guessed. When I have shown these people their photos and made the comment, they usually say 'that is the real me.'

Couples Boudoir:

Boudoir is no longer about the ladies! I have had guys ask me to do a boudoir session for them but I have not had any of them fully commit at this time. Couples boudoir is now the new 'up and up' thing. It is based on sensuality and love, and a little bit of lust. When I do couples boudoir, I base it the same way I would an engagement session, but I focus more on the faces and responses. It is very similar to the female boudoir session, but having your loved one there puts it more at ease as he can take your focus off the camera and unto something(one) else.

What to Expect:

When I set up a boudoir shot, I first have a real conversation via telephone or email with my client. My main goal is to put you at ease and get the right concept that you are looking for. I keep a list of boudoir shots I think are 'cool' on my pinterest board ( and am always open to new ideas and unique photos. I do not take any photos of full nudity (that includes bare breasts - if you choose to do a nude photo, I will creatively have you cover your chest with your hands or a prop and your breasts will not even be seen on my camera lens) and I do not take any photos using violence or any kind of pornographic theme to them. My objective in boudior is to give you hard proof that you are a beautiful person and should take pride in what a higher power has given to you.

I am the only photographer in our studio that does boudoir. You will not have a male in the room unless you bring a companion or friend as a 'bouncer.' I will never ask you to do a shot that you are uncomfortable with and am always happy to 'ditch' a shot or show you the image I am looking for before the shot to make you feel very comfortable.

Although I do use some of my photo sessions to expand my portfolio, I will never post nor show one of you photos to anyone without first receiving your express written permission AFTER you have received your photos - AND I would contact you first with the exact photo I would like permission to use.

What to Bring:

I will go through items to bring to the studio when I conversate with you on the phone or email (and it also depends on what kind of photos you are looking for), but I usually recommend:

-a few pair of high heels

-a few undergarments that make you feel confident (or corsets)

-An oversized shirt or sweater (of a boyfriends/husband's) shirt/tie/etc.

-A dress you love yourself in

-a pair of comfy clothes you love (those to die for jeans and that awesome shirt that makes you look just right)

-Something that is a hobby or is important to you (a guitar, baseball cap, etc.)

-And yourself. I always have tons of fabrics as wraps and I have them drycleaned after use to keep them hygenic

(For couples sessions, I usually ask guys to bring a hat or two that they like and find interesting, their best fitting jeans, a few pair of undergarments, and a smile)


Prices and Product: $100

$100 for a Boudoir session and it includes:

-a private session with Melissa Damon (feel free to bring a friend or loved one if you would like for company)

-Several smaller 'proofread' versions of the pictures that have my company logo on them to choose which photos you would like to enlarge. Should you wish, you are more then welcome to post them to social media or send them to friends and family.

-Photos uploaded to a private password encrypted website to download immediately after completion.

-The option of a la carte if you wish to purchase more prints or different items (canvases, a book for a special someone, etc.)


If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at 860-941-7163 or to set up an initial appointment, and/or ask us any questions that may come to mind. Our contact information is at the bottom of the page in the gray area.