Melissa Damon

Every since the age of eleven, Melissa has had the eye for photos and has had a love for taking them over the decades. She has won several state awards for her photography and is still - to this very day - not content until she knows everything humanly possible about the beautiful craft of photography. She uses her free time to read new books on the subject, take sample pictures, and explore new realms (and often forgotten ones too) in order to endeavor becoming the best that she can.

Although Melissa loves almost every genre in photography, her specialties are family, boudoir, photo-manipulation, and maternity.

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Mike Donatello 

Mike began photographing long before Melissa knew how to pick up a camera. He is the owner of Photography by Donatello and has been working on weddings and photo-manipulations for a very long time. When he is not photographing a session, he works on photo-manipulations and costume/fantasy photos with unique angles and perspective in mind.


Mike specializes in weddings, fantasy, architecture and photo-manipulation.

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